Players abuse using awp

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    • Players abuse using awp

      if you go in DD2 obly server you will find some people who abuse using awp, they never turn the awp since the server allows 2 awps only.
      So I suggest to add a plugin who count number of awp using and limit it please.
      Thanks a lot
    • great,
      first thanks for the reply.
      Yes, I meant that because we both know the awp is the most favorable weapon for the most of the players.
      In the server if you can join, you will realise that the same player who plays with awp the most rounds just to avoid saying that they play all the 20 rounds.
      The plugin counts how many times the player used the awp for exemple :
      I played with the first round, it counted than when I've used the x rounds (x is number of rounds that you you determine it), it disallow me using the awp for like x rounds (x is number of rounds you determinate).


      You can see the plugin in 404 team serevr (only DD2) I can give ip for more information and the admin steam account.