Ban for voteban.

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    • Ban for voteban.

      • Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:50258853
      • Which Admin has banned yo: ThereISNoSpoon
      • How long did you got banned: 2 weeks
      • Reason why you got banned: voteban abuse

        I apologize for my behavior, I want to play with my friends because they have more steam accounts. I will not do that again. :/

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    • Hi,

      you and your "friends" banned over 15 players via voteban without any good reason. Maybe only to play alone on the server with your "friends" and thats not how it works - server is for everyone.
      Wait 2 weeks and then you can play again on the server.

      Remember: DER GERÄT lügt nie und DER GERÄT bescheißt auch nicht!!

      |> WCFAN <|
      |> Serverrules <|
    • You and your friends better watch your behaviour really well in the future. If it would've been my decision alone it would been a permban for you and your friends. Especially since you seem to know the server rules, or at least stated that you do, and wanted to report me for abusing my admin "rank" because I switched you. How come you didn't apply §11 to your own behaviour? How come you think it's ok to voteban other players from a server that you are not hosting just because you want to play alone? To me it seems that you (and your friends) only care about yourself, and I really dont like that.

      If you play on Crazy hillbreak in the future and don't comply with my decisions I will ban you. If you feel like you are beeing mistreated use the forum. It even says that exact point in the rules that you seem to know so well. It's §2, just in case you forgot.

      So stop beeing annoying in the future and FOLLOW THE RULES

      *EDIT: one question: What does it mean when you say that you want to play with your friends because they have more steam accounts? What does it change?
      ehemals ThereIsNoSpoon