Kicked by TnT FrAxXx

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    • Kicked by TnT FrAxXx

      Good mornin',
      just have some issue. I played at the surf rpg server, when some guy called FrAxXx kicked me for abusing his team by saing : "clan tnt is full of gays" .
      I though that swearing/abusing is not restricted on that server , so what's the point ? Everybody on server are complain/abusing each others, and he kicked me only cause he has admin rights to do that and because its his team/clan. That's not right, even if yellin'/abusing is not kind (i know) its not restricted. You should be glad that nobody's tryin to have some sort of cheats , thats your main goal. So what im tryin' to say , dont kick players for your personal matters.
      His nickname is : FrAxXx (from team TnT gaming)

      Wanna see a respond from one of main admins like "peacemaker". Not from guys who just got admin rights like 3 days ago atm..
      Thanks, im just honest.

      Best regards,
    • Here his chat history : AndrewS

      2014-10-18 12:20:55 tnt gaming the clan of gays.
      2014-10-18 00:06:50 K. gay .
      2014-10-16 16:16:32 hain cocksucker.
      2014-10-16 16:12:13 turtlas is the biggest gay on the planet.
      2014-10-16 16:16:11 im sorry turtlas .. the biggest gay is hain.
      2014-10-16 15:50:28 haha bitch.
      2014-10-14 15:15:42 stfu noob.

      I think he is a worthy player who must not playing on WCFAN servers, He has a bad language, insults many players and my clan.
      And when we see his chat history, I feel he is homophobic.

      Should we ban it ?

      The post was edited 2 times, last by FrAxXx ().

    • if you insult somebody, an admin is allowed to punish that.
      And it is not that wise to say some like "clan tnt is full of gays" to an admin :facepalm:
      well this wasn´t a very strong flame but you shouldn´t do that.
      this was just a kick but could be a ban. you should be fine about that, ein Campingportal für Camper und Dauercamper.
    • Hey, you have a problem, seriously...
      You annoy us for kick. Wake up !!!

      We 're not here to talk about other people ! I have already ban someone for one week for a bad language, now, you stop speak about this kick !
      However, the next time where i see insults, or just a bad language, I will not hesitate to ban you ! And I think that all head-admin are agree with me.