Hey, I got banned for no reason

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  • Hey, I got banned for no reason


    my Steam-Id is STEAM_0:1:95850284.
    Yesterday i got banned from "smurf".
    His explanation is:
    "Here's a demo where it is clear that points to places that do not know they are there just then entertaining point that viewing, note that before moving walls or doors is already pointing to the site and does not by moving the pointer to conceal. It is so obvious that it makes people leave the server. On a few occasions you will see that even pointing down because he knows he will crouch out ... that's the goal and cheeky. Permamente ban stick a god. // comment by smurf: review with r_drawothermodels 2 reveals wallhack and aimbot. ban request approved."

    Sorry but its very obvious that i am pre-aiming the known spots from my experience, even if there is nobody coming I was still aiming there.....that makes no sense, why would I do that?
    Also you probably haven't heard of using a headset to be able to hear the steps.
    At this demo, I had a good run but also I missjudged some situations, where its very obvious that I didn't know a player is coming from this direction.
    And that I am using aimbot, is by far the most ridiculous accusation.
    I don't know about your skill level, but I guess you aren't good, so you can't imagine that I am playing clean.
    Besides this, I am playing since a while on this Server and many people have been spectating me, so it's a bit strange that you are the first one, who is accusing me for all these kind of hacks.
    I advise you, the next time, befor you permban any player, spectate him for a longer time.

    Everyone who his reading this, please download the demo, and tell us your opinion.
    I attached it to this post.
    • cheat.dem

      (2.71 MB, downloaded 27 times, last: )
  • Dear ProN00b

    First, many thanks for your contribution.

    In relation to your ban my experience isn't entirely negligible. My at least fourteen years of gaming experience doesn't reflect my personal rank in the ladder. So much for that.
    I watched the demo of you while using headphones. I watched it several times inter alia using r_drawothermodels 2.
    It is noticable that you "accidentally" always have a look exactly where the next opponent enters your field of vision. This occurs most frequently in the demo available to us. But thats not at all.
    Looking at the demo very carefully, we notice that the crosshairs slightly erratic marks the opponent when it is in close vicinity of him. This leads to the obvious conclusion that you use a tool that helps you turn off the opponent illegally.
    Moreover, we had received complaints from other players on your striking game behavior before. These were sent to us regardless of this indication on other days.

    After checking your stats I would like to express my personal mind that you grab back on prohibited, game-influencing programs. Your WCFAN - HLstatsX page shows that you have a K:D ratio of 840 to 250 while using the nickname "you mad bro?".

    The other administrators can now present your complaint also review the legality of banishment.

    Until the final clarification, the banishment is not canceled.

    Kind regards

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  • you should stay on the subject and the banreason, not try to find desperatley other reasons.
    Besides all your "experience", your kpdrate is 1,16. So your judgement about higher level playing is argueable.

    There are every day, let's call them unexperienced players, who call me a wallhacker. But also other good players have the same problem as me.
    I really don't understand what you mean with "the crossairs slightly erratic marks the opponent".

    Do you mind, telling me the GMT time, when you recorded this demo.
    So I will be able to get more Demos of me that day from SourceTV, where it will be obvious that I can't be wallhacking or "use some program".
    This 2 minute demo, is actually just showing a good run to me and I don't even see anything unnormal, except that I was aiming always at the same spot at A long, and a CT appeard almost every time, because the server was loaded and it's next to the spawn.

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  • Schlitzer any opinion?
    I guess you forgot to watch it ^^

    I downloaded another demo of me that day from your SourceTV archive.
    You can see my sick wallhack (especially at minute 3:00) and how my "crosshairs slightly erratic marks the opponent" all the time :S

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  • Hi,

    Unforgetable aka SexyGoat aka 100gelucktes (only used your forum accounts) but we both know that you used other accounts / names aswell ;) - Also you're now using the english language to protest.. ohh
    So i permmutet your last Account that i know (currently Rank 8 on our DM Server) name you're down bro (STEAM_0:0:13573906) - reason Inappropriate Language.
    And there we go again - i rebanned all your accounts that i know and which are not permbanned.. u won't learn from your mistakes and that makes me sick.. everytime the same reason.. honestly search for a hobby and fuck off!

    Ohh now you're using a VPN - huh? :D but only to surf on the internet - ingame you're using still the same IP-Range ;)

    Enough said,
    Remember: DER GERÄT lügt nie und DER GERÄT bescheißt auch nicht!!

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