usefull changes CS:GO Server

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    • usefull changes CS:GO Server

      Hello, i have been playing on your [WCFAN] Surf+RPG server a bit and i i like the consept. I would like to report some issues the server have.

      -Should make so CTs and Ts can talk togheter in voice chat.
      -Make a command !Block so u can get out of jail on some maps.
      -Take off person block complitly.
      -remove maps that is only surf. (i mean like the maps that u only surf on, there is no pistols or anything so u cant levelup)
      -add rtv so u can make a vote to change maps

      if this not is getting fixt i would really like to buy it or something like it ;D, would like to have a server like that :D

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    • i would really like some changes in the nearest future, cuz i dont like to play on a bad server and if u do some changes quick it would hold player and get better.

      and i have another issue that i would like to report with u guys, that is let u Bhop after surf, cuz that is impossible atm, u just stop. In my opinion that is a bad thing to have