grenades on deathmatch

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    • grenades on deathmatch

      Hey WCFAN,

      I play on your servers regularly and really enjoy it.

      I just wonder if it would be possible to remove the grenades from the deathmatch servers?

      I don't know if I am the only one feeling this way, but they seem to take away a lot of the fun and challenge, by simply encouraging everyone spam their grenade forward as soon as they spawn.
      This makes for countless very frustrating deaths where you don't even see an enemy at all, but just run straight into 2-3 grenades - or even worse when you see your first enemy you are already at 20 health from random grenades.

      Anyway thanks for supplying us with the best servers I know of.


    • RE: grenades on deathmatch

      a plugin is resticting he grenade every second round.
      it is possible to rise the number of rounds, so that the players can use it just every x round.
      but i don´t think we should restrict he grenade total., ein Campingportal für Camper und Dauercamper.
    • RE: grenades on deathmatch

      It just feels like the grenades are not really serving any purpose other than adding to the randomness / chaos.

      I could understand if the point of the grenades was to help people flush out campers or help the losing team push forward, but that's not the case at all. I would argue that the grenades mostly benefit the winning team and make it impossible for the weaker team to push forward and make any progress.

      Maybe it's just me. I feel so terribly frustrated when half the times I die, I die from a grenade that is just lobbed forward randomly. I feel just as ashamed when I see those numbers from my own grenades.

      Looking at the statistic from the servers, HE grenades account for roughly ~500.000 out of 12.000.000 kills on one of the servers, which is very high percentage of the total kills. It's the 5ft most most killing weapon in total. In fact that's about the same number as kills as the desert eagle. This is quite a lot considering pretty much all grenade kills are kills where you just throw it forward without even having seen the enemy.
      And the statistics only show the times when the grenade actually kills you. All the times when a grenade takes you health low and therefor kills you indirectly, are not shown on the statistics obviously - and those are many times :D

      Maybe it's worth testing it on one of the servers to see how it feels?

      Btw. I am only talking about the big deathmatch dust 2 servers with 40 and 60 players. I doubt grenades are an issue on less crowded servers.

      Again thanks for supplying the best servers in excistance and I hope you don't take this as whine, but rather just a suggestion from a regular player :)

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    • RE: grenades on deathmatch

      We WON'T take this as whine thats for sure!

      I think we'll talk about this at our next meeting on Sept. 29 th (I guess xD)
      What's decided will be published in Forum I think. If we restrict the nades there will be news on our newspage.

      Thanks for your postings and your prais anyway ;)
    • RE: grenades on deathmatch

      Counter is right,
      both sides need a weapon like the he grenade to kill the campers especially on a long and on B.

      It is correct sometimes I could destroy my mouse because of the millionth nade in my face. But be serious, isn't it very satisfying to kill 5 or 6 camping idiots with one nade ? :D

      I like my grenade all x rounds
      My name is Beethoven motherfucker, maybe you've heard from me :facepalm:
    • RE: grenades on deathmatch

      I have to agree with foosah on this one - I enjoy playing on the servers aswell, which I guess my stats would reflect.
      The most times I die, is from the nade spammers who does not have anything else in mind than lobbing the grenade - and as previously stated by foosah, if I find myself in the pushing position on the map, the grenades does not benefit the other team at all - they run with a grenade in their hand and then gets shot.

      If you are inclined not to restrict grenades, then maybe increase the rate you get the grenade to 4-5 rounds instead of only 2. I honestly don't think they serve any kind of purpose on a deathmatch server as the best aimer should win, not a randomly trown grenade by multiple people.

      I think I read a post aswell with rewarding a grenade for a certain amount of kills - that would be an idea, but again that would favor the best players - which is not the intention its to have fun - and the grenades are not fun, on the contrary, its killing it.
    • RE: grenades on deathmatch

      Vadda I think you are right. But I would abandon this satisfaction because you can kill campers in another way, too.

      I think the idea of receiving a grenade, if you reached a certain number of kills in a row is not the best. I personally guess that this would support and increase the camping on the server since everyone wants to get a grenade in order to throw it like silly.

      The best solution would be to just strike these grenades out of the inventory.

      (I do agree with Lord Vadda and Heath-Counter anyway since the grenade was always a good way in order to blast away the campers. Anyhow, it is just frustrating how one is put to death by this rubbish :D )