New thing in Hlstats? :)

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    • New thing in Hlstats? :)

      This morning, I've maybe found something cool to add to our hlstats system?
      It comes from here:
      At right top, a list of clickable images, and each of them represent some sort of shortcut to switch between the hlstats of servers, and a tooltip with the name of the server, and some Bar that slides under the chosen server..

      Cool idea, or not? :)
      If that is possible for coding ofcourse..
    • RE: New thing in Hlstats? :)

      It is possible and in HLX:CE by default to switch between different gametypes, but since we only host CS:S servers with hlx, that list would only showed up the CS:S icon all over, so we removed it.
      If someone is interested in creating a small CS:S icon with a server specific overlay for each server.. well we could add it, but i don't think it's that important;)

      Your link is dead, Booze!
    • RE: New thing in Hlstats? :)

      Damn, those hlstats worked yesterday :) Probably down atm :D (its the hlstats from the clan .Bad Network)
      It's ofcourse not that importan, but it looked cool to me :D
      And since I know how to that sort of things, I thaught it might be a piece of cake for you guys ^^