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§1 Preamble

The services we offer (e.g. Teamspeak- und Gameserver) can be used by everyone for free. There is no right on the usage or the accessability of the servers. If you get banned for any reason, this has to be accepted. However, in some cases the ban can be revoked if the banned user sees his mistake and promises not to repeat it again (this does not apply when you got banned for cheating). For this you can check our bansystem. By joining our servers, you automatically accept the server rules and you have to follow those. The rules are not created to influence or limit your game. Those rules were created to protect all the gamers on our servers.

§2 Administrators

Players should respect the admins, take their warnings note and follow their instructions. If this is not done then a kick or a temporary ban will follow. On the server we do not discuss, should anything not fit, you can use our forum.

§3 Account

You are responsible for your user account (steam account) and that means, that you are basically responsible for all actions performed by a third party with your user account (steam account).

§4 Wrongful treatment

If there is anyone that feels beeing treated in the wrong way, either by bans or other things, you can complain in our forum or simly contact us and we will try to solve the problem. The advantage of using the forum is that everyone can post their opinion to the past actions. The best way of proofing that you are mistreated is by making a demo and/or have some players which can support your story.

§5 Cheating

All kind of cheats (i.e. wallhack, speedhack, multihacks, aimbots, ...) as well as the use of other methods to a gain an unfair advantage over other players are prohibited. A permanent exclusion from all servers is intended and will be executed without warning. Of course a demo will be recorded.

§6 Bugusing

Exploit any bugs in maps or plugins is not allowed and result in a temporary ban.

§7 Offensive content

Rasistic, pornographic, unsavory, politically extreme, after german law not allowed, going against the human rights or nazistic comments, spraylogos, nicknames are not allwed on any of the WCFAN provided services and servers. Depending on the severity of breaking one of those rules the violator can be punished with a timeban up to a permanent ban. Small things can be dealt with a warning at first.

§8 Game distracting behaviour

Camper, teamkiller, spawnkiller, leveler (RPG) or other annoying players will get banned temporary. A warning (kick or chatmessage) from an admin is pronounced usually.

§9 Abuse of the microphone or chat

Players who use the microphone to sing, to play music, betray the whereabouts of other players or play permanent annoying sounds will get kicked. Uses a player his microphone or the chat to insult other players, he gets banned temporary, a warning is not necessary.

§10 Advertising

The poaching of players of any kind (i.e. for a Clan) is prohibited. Also advertise other servers is not permitted. If a player has advertising on his behalf, he is prompted to change his name, if he does not he will get kicked. If the advertising contains a link to a website where cheats are offered, a permanent ban will be pronounced, without a warning. In addition, posting of any links or other advertising or praise in the chat is not allowed and will be punished with a ban, which varies in length, is it again a link to a website where cheats are offered, a permanent ban will be pronounced, without a warning.

§11 Playervotes

If the votekick or voteban command get misused i.e. to kick or ban other players for no reason from the server a temporary ban up to a week follows. A votekick or voteban is only admissible if it is violating the serverrules.

§12 SourceTV recordings and chat messages

By connecting to a WCFAN server the player agrees that all game actions and chat messages get recorded by him permanent. The recordings (demos) are saved for at least 7 days, the chat messages for at least 15 days. For violations of our serverrules these recordings can be saved permanently. The demos and chat messages can be viewed by all players at any time. A list of all demos are here, the chat messages of each player are here.

§13 Warning

Each kick counts as a warning. If a rule is violated again, a ban can be issued which varies in length. If a player has more justified bans in a short time, he can always be banned by an admin permanently from our servers.

§14 Updates

These Rules can be updated without prior notice. To provide a simple orientation when the rules changed, we always post the date when the rules were adjusted last.

  • 01.06.2014: General update
  • 24.04.2013: General update
  • 12.01.2012: Added - SourceTV recording
  • 15.04.2011: General update
  • 03.06.2010: Added - advertising / headhunting
  • 27.08.2009: Added - special case bunnyhop
  • 13.05.2008: Added - other models and advantage to other players
  • 06.04.2008: Added - spawnkilling
  • 18.09.2007: The rules have been released