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  • On the WCFAN DUST2 DEATHMATCH. Normally the donations would be no problem, but lately i've been coming short on money etc irl ... But whenever i have something again, i'll donate €5

  • ban 1 week...

    br0nz - SAIYAJIN - - Counter-Strike: Source


    Quote from BustA: “"The ban is reasonable..." The ban is excessive but OK ” I think admins know better? There is a reason they're admins you know ..

  • Hello WCFAN Community! I'm a 17 years old Student from Belgium! I'm a CSGO Booster and in my free-time i always play on WCFAN Servers. Back in the day @ CSS the best TDM Server was always from WCFAN. When i browsed through the community servers i came across the WCFAN servers and i was so happy, didn't know you guys also had servers on CSGO. My reason to become an Admin is simlple. I'd like to keep the servers clean and help where i can I'll be daily active in TeamSpeak and this forum. I spend a…